Now that summer is just around the corner, we hope that this summer will be a little more normal than last summer. We may not be flying around the world yet, so why not combine your love of photography with a family vacation? Are you ready for an unforgettable photography road trip? Map out a route, grab your cameras and head out for a fun weekend or longer. Discover new things and most importantly, take great photos of them.Check out our tips for taking great photos on a family road trip – bonuslli is happy to help you on your way!

Tell a story

We often use the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” in the workplace at bonusprint and for good reason. If one photo can tell a story, imagine how telling a carefully curated series of photos can be. When taking your photos, try to convey the emotions you feel as you take them. If you take group photos of the family or record what the kids are doing. Remember that you are capturing parts of a much larger story and you want to remember this journey forever. If you take multiple photos of something or someone, you also have many options when reviewing and editing.

Check your settings

The longer you spend with your camera settings, the less time you have to take pictures. You might even miss the perfect moment to take your photo (unfortunately we all recognize it!). Before you head out, make sure you are completely familiar with your gear – especially if you’ve bought new equipment for your vacation. For example, practice with the settings for landscape or street photography. If you want to know quickly what all the settings on your camera, check here our tips. Don’t just give your camera to someone else and your settings will suddenly be completely different!

take your time

More haste less speed. Whatever you’re shooting, take your time. Sometimes there is suddenly the perfect moment and sometimes it can take a while. But rushing won’t help. Always make sure you take in the environment well and take into account things like where the light is coming from. Take a walk with the family and see the area, discover which perspective you can use. Look for creative ideas to make your photo – are there any cool reflections or shadows you can use? Can the family help take the photo?

Let yourself be guided by your feelings

A road trip should always be dominated by discoveries. It is a journey where you and your family discover new places and meet new people. You get to know yourself and the world better. Take in everything you experience, be it big or small. Always keep your camera handy, so you can take beautiful pictures of something that catches your attention or surprises you.

Capture milestones

Going on a photography road trip? Then make sure you record all the milestones of your journey. For example, your children seeing the sea for the first time, the view from the top of a mountain, a place you have wanted to visit for years, exploring a historical monument, photographing the place name signs of the cities you travel through, or the hotels or Airbnbs where you are staying. All these special moments serve as new chapters of the story of your journey. They make a great frame to put your other photos in.

Enjoy the small things

Sometimes it’s the photos of small, unexpected moments that bring your story to life and give it color. An impromptu lunch in a rustic restaurant, a great sand sculpture you encounter on the beach or a funny photo that has you laughing out loud. Capturing these moments will make your road trip extra special. The personal touch makes looking back at the photos special when you’re back home.

Choose the right time

The time of day is one of the most important factors for getting the best photos on a road trip. The early morning and late afternoon provide the perfect light for landscape or portrait photos, as the light is soft and warm. The sun’s rays are almost horizontal, illuminating your photos with rich and soft light. The light in the afternoon, on the other hand, is not the photographer’s best friend, because the sun is almost directly overhead and the light is harsh. Decide what time is best for the photos you want to take and enjoy the rest of your time by taking candid photos of the family.

Provide variety

Avoid drag in your photos, unleash your creativity and challenge yourself on your road trip. Be sure to shoot a wide selection of portraits, even if you’re a landscape lover. Try shooting landscapes if you’re normally a street photographer. Take a few pictures with the kids and your partner and a few without. Don’t forget to take some vertical photos as well. You can make your photos very varied and build your story in a much nicer way than with a collection of similar photos.

keep moving

Don’t stand still, keep moving! You’ll be amazed at how different your photos look if you take a few while crouching, some shots while standing on a bench, strolling to another side, and even shooting from behind. You don’t want a collection of photos all taken from the same height and angle. Make your trip family photos more fun by taking them from many different positions. You will be happy with the result!

We hope our tips will help you improve your photography skills so that you can take beautiful pictures during your family road trip. How about capturing the special thing about your trip in a photo book or beautiful wall decoration? All you have to do is click the button below and get started.

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